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New Premium !!! ANGEL FIRE- 26-28% THC- $250 Oz!

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Angel Fire cannabis strain is an evenly balanced hybrid by Aficionado Seed Bank. THC levels are skyrocketing at 26-28% Thrive in an indoor and greenhouse setting. This strain is filled with dank, rich and flavourful tastes that contain spicy, fruity and earthy bouquets. Angel Fire cannabis strain is good for daytime evening usage.
Angel Fire cannabis strain’s high is wildly potent, so newbies should stay away or consider micro-dosing. It promises intense euphoria and a heavy body stone to go with it.
Breeder: Aficionado Seed Bank
Lineage: Angel Fire cannabis strain is a cross between Hellz OG and God’s Vagina cannabis strains.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid (55% Sativa / 45% Indica)

THC 26-28% – CBD 1.00/0.20%

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