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New Premium !!! DEATH BUBBA DIABLO – $230 OZ!

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Do-Si-Dos. Named in the tradition of its parent strain Girl Scout Cookies, Do-Si-Dos is a soothing indica hybrid. This bud combines aromatic Girl Scout Cookies and the body-melting indica, Face Off OG. The product is a pungent and well-balanced strain whose effects seem to last longer than average.

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While Diablo Death Bubba has a sinister name, its effects are far from dastardly. Also known as a Diablo Kush or Diablo OG, this indica-forward strain is a potent yet tasty choice for those looking for rest, relaxation, and sedation. Average THC levels range from 18 to 28% on average, and its thick, dense, neon-green buds pack deliver fresh citrus and pine taste that tastes absolutely heavenly. Dusted with a thick coating of silvery trichomes, Diablo Death Bubba delivers cerebral stimulation that focuses, motivates, and uplifts while also increasing creative energy. As the high continues, a sedative wave of calm washes over your body leaving you completely at ease and eliminating any pain, anxiety, and stress you might be suffering from. With a THC rating and effects this strong, Diablo Death Bubba is one strain you’ll want to enjoy before bed!


THC: 18% – 28%

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