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Kief is the term for the accumulated trichomes, or resin glands, sifted from cannabis flowers through a mesh screen or sieve. Trichomes secrete a sticky resin containing the terpenes and cannabinoids that give cannabis its unique qualities. As concentrated resin glands, kief is a potent form of cannabis.


Once you’ve collected your cannabis kief, there are several ways that it can be consumed. The high concentrations of cannabinoids must be exposed to heat to become active and produce a mind-altering effect.

Here are some common, popular ways to use kief:

  • Smoking kief by itself

Kief can be smoked by itself out of most smoking hardware like a glass pipe. There a few things to keep in mind when smoking kief by itself. Because it is powder, fine kief may fall into your bowl when you inhale. Kief tends to hold a flame, so once you light it, kief will likely stay lit.

  • Sprinkle kief on marijuana flower

One of the most popular ways to use kief is to sprinkle it on top of ground marijuana flower that is then smoked or vaped. Adding kief to your marijuana flower before using it boosts your flower’s potency, allowing you to smoke or vape less to achieve the same results.

  • Roll kief into joints or blunt

You can also sprinkle kief into a joint or blunt before you roll it. Simply mix your kief with your ground flower and roll your joint or blunt like you normally would.You can also get creative by adding your kief to the outside of your blunt or joint. Most people who do this first lightly wet the outside of their joint with cannabis oil. Then roll your joint in your kief. This will create a fuzzy effect that has earned them the name “tarantula” joints. 

  • Add kief into your morning coffee or tea

The heat of your coffee or tea can activate the kief’s cannabinoids. To make kief coffee or tea, simply sprinkle kief powder into your mug and stir. Since the cannabinoids will be digested before reaching your bloodstream, taking kief this way offers delayed, yet longer lasting and stronger effects.

  • Blend kief into butter

Kief butter can be used in baking recipes to make highly-potent marijuana edibles, such as kief cupcakes, kief brownies, and more.


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